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Microsoft to acquire Activision?

“With three billion people actively playing games today and fueled by a new generation steeped in the joys of interactive entertainment, gaming is now the largest and fastest-growing form of entertainment.”

Microsoft is planning to buy Activision, including (among other things) games like “Warcraft,” “Call of Duty” and “Candy Crush” and about 10,000 employees. A simple $69bn in cash is the offer on the table.
Apple and Google also have their advancements into games (Google Stadia & Apple Arcade) so their sure is a large-scale belief in the role games will play in the future of tech. And the ‘metaverse’ might be what is central to that belief (see next story). Very interesting to follow how this impacts Microsoft at large, of course, first the deal needs to get past regulators…

Warner Music Group invests in metaverse

Recently we wrote about Facebooks rebranding to Meta and its investment in metaverse, a digital world intended to be the meeting place of the future. Now actors are starting to see the potential in this new type of social media. One of them is Warner Music Group who is currently developing a “musical theme park” where, among other things, virtual concerts will be held. We’ll see if it can replace the live experience, but there is undeniably a lot of money being invested in metaverse.

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