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Alphabet’s Deepmind changing drug discovery

Using AI Alphabet’s (Google) Deepmind have been able to predict how proteins fold, which has previously been very hard (though apparently critical) for drug researchers. Deepmind has now founded a new company

with the mission to reimagine the entire drug discovery process from first principles with an AI-first approach.

Truly fascinating to follow how these new technologies will improve quality of life across the globe.


Amazon is licensing its cashier-less grocery store technology

A few years ago, Amazon opened its first cashier free grocery store, using cameras and AI technology to monitor and charge the customer as it picks products from the shelf. Now it seems like Amazon is building a licensing model around the technology as the UK chain Sainsbury’s is planning a “Pick and go”-store in London. A natural step for amazon one might think, to deliver and commercialize on the technology rather than to operate their own grocery stores.

Apple and the lack of chips

Planning on getting a new iPad for Christmas? Its probably too late.

The iPad and iPhone models have a number of components in common, including both core and peripheral chips.

Perhaps no surprise but due to the global shortage of chips Apple has been prioritizing iPhones over iPads, and produced 50% fewer tablets than planned in September-October.

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