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Foxconn going auto??!

So as many may know Foxconn is the giant Chinese manufacturer behind a huge chunk of the electrics market and most known for producing Apple products. A few weeks back it was announced that Foxconn has bought an old GM factory in Ohio. Partnering with current plant owner Lordstown Motors to produce their electric pickup truck

Foxconn plans to start mass production in April, according to a person familiar with its schedule

What does this mean? Are Foxconn intending to take a stake in the market of electric vehicles (whole new ball game) or is there an Apple plan as well here?

it’s seen as a contender in the race to make EVs for Apple.

Very interesting development!

Ikea is planning a Spotify lamp

A few years ago Ikea released its co-branded smart speaker together with Sonos, with speakers integrated in Ikea furniture such as lamps and shelves. Now it looks like Ikea is planning another speaker collaboration, this time with Spotify. It is a lamp with integrated speakers which will also have Spotify’s recently launched Spotify Tap feature. Sonos collaboration with Ikea has been a success, will Spotify benefit as well?

Squid game is the most watched Netflix show to date

During the first 23 days available, the new Netflix series Squid game was watched by 132 million people, or they at least started watching the show, and the show was watched 1.4 billion hours in total. Bloomberg has also come across a document linked to the series that shows how Netflix is following up on the success of its content. Apparently, Netflix generated $891 million during the 23 first days of the show, compared to the Squid game budget of $21.4 million that is a staggering sum. However, it is a bit unclear exactly how Netflix calculates revenue for a specific series.

Intel vs Apple chips

As mentioned earlier on the feed Apple are substituting Intel chips for their own. After a long and strategic investment in chip production that has finally happened and apparently the Apple chips are impressive. Meanwhile Intel hope to “win back this segment of Apple’s business over time by outcompeting the company in chipmaking.” That really sounds like a very long game plan as they already have a lot of to catching up to do, being behind on both production and architecture.

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