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Real civilian space travel!

2021 will be the year that space tourism started, and earlier this year we have seen both Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson’s ventures take civilians to space. This past week SpaceX’s Inspiration4 took off helping set the new record for amount of people in Space simultaneously, 14 people.

What’s more is that while Bezos and Branson’s flights only included

a few minutes of weightlessness

SpaceXs mission was three days long,

moving at about 28,000 kph and each day experiencing about 15 sunrises and sunsets.

Grocery stores without a cashier

Last year we wrote about Amazon’s first cashierless stores through Amazon Go and now, starting out with two stores, Amazon is introducing the concept to the Whole Foods chain. This is a whole other ball game and could possibly change convenience store setups forever. Very interesting to see if the technology is scalable!

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