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Tipping point for ads!

In the US,

streaming services accounted for 45 percent of ad views, surpassing TV Everywhere in the first six months of 2021

Sometimes we talk about tipping points here on the feed and this will likely be one for ads, total spending on traditional TV ads has always far exceeded that of online or streaming ads. Super Bowl ads perhaps being the best example where a single 30 second commercial costs over $5 million. Now that the views are there so should the ads.

Developers now allowed to avoid App store commission?

Since the launch of App store Apple has always mad big revenue on its commission from in app purchases. To date, Apple has forced applications to use its in-app purchase system, which gives Apple up to 30%. However, following strong complaints from both companies like Netflix and Spotify as well as regulators, Apple is taking a step back, allowing applications to use external payment options and thus avoid the commission.

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