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Norway becomes the first country to sell more electric than fossil cars

Norway has been at the forefront when it comes to the transition from fossil to electric cars thanks to their major benefits and tax reductions when buying an electric car. During 2020, all electric passenger cars accounted for 54.3 % of the Norwegian new car market, compared to 42,4 % during 2019. Also, the transition appears to be accelerating, during December 66,7 % of sold cars were electric.

Create images from text, using AI

OpenAI is an AI research company with the mission to

ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.

I’m glad this is their focus as AI is getting more and more powerful. Last year we wrote about how OpenAI created an AI that can create extremely convincing news articles. Their latest project allows a user to create images from text. Basically, you can order

A fox sitting in an open field

and it generates the image. You can try the AI out yourself on the link!


New rumors of an Apple car

Rumors of an Apple car has been around for a long time, but now something real seems to be going on as Apple may sign a deal with Hyundai. If it will result in an actual Apple branded car, a Hyundai-car with Apple infotainment, or something else remains to be seen. However, the rumors are reinforced by the fact that Apple has been recruiting several executives from Tesla lately.

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