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Building business plans as an extrapolation of the past is not sufficient in an age of disruption and ever shorter Mean Time Between Surprises. Technology shifts are coming increasingly faster: It took radio more than 38 years to attract 50 million listeners, Facebook attracted 6 million users in its first year and then ramped it up to 600 million users over five years – Change happens!

When markets and competitive landscapes are changing at an increasingly faster pace the need to be foreseeing, or at least attempt to be, rises simultaneously. This assignment is just as tough as it may sound, but there are structured ways of working to anticipate technology shifts. One such way that was developed by Cordial is the Business Model Disruption Assessment. By approaching transformation of your business models from three different perspectives, the method provides critical input in reshaping your business strategy into a more long term sustainable plan.

If you’re interested in learning more, please watch the video where disruption evangelist Björn-Erik Willoch explains the method features.

Are you interested in disrupting your business models?

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