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Drone custodians? OR Slaughterbots…?

In Japan, people working over-time is a serious problem. Working extra hours is seen as very strong indicator of dedication and loyalty, in fact so much that there are multiple work related deaths each year connected to this. Now Taisei, a Japanese company, has unveiled a drone which is intended to nag employees with loud music, till they go home.  The drone is autonomous, and will be available at $450 per month service. Perhaps strange and unusual to us but should be an easy decision for Japanese factory managers in efforts to improve worker health! But unfortunately… I can think of multiple ways this can also be abused and what’s next version of this? Well, have a look at one of this week’s viral videos, Slaughterbots…

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Expect flying taxis sooner than later

In a recent speech Alex Zosel, co-founder and CIO Volocopter, stated that flying taxis are nearer in time than many may think. He stated that “in two or three years we’ll have the first commercial applications somewhere in the world with our service”. The closest flying transportation service in time is most likely a point to point solution with a fixed number of vehicles flying point to point and shuttling people. What could be the next step?

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