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Apple targeting 2019 for an electric car!

According to WSJ Apple has now cleared the “go-ahead” for their first car. Very interesting news given Teslas (electric) success and most recently VW’s big scandal. How will it look? Will it be self-driving??!

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IBM ready to transform industries with Watson

IBM’s super computer Watson is set to become a huge engine in their business going forward, said Senior VP for solutions portfolio and research John Kelly in a recent interview with Bloomberg. With Watson now being the fastest growing segment of IBM’s analytics business it is expected to reach $1 billion in sales in near time. To speed up development, IBM has made it free for developers to use the platform with the result of over 77’000 developers using Watson today. For now, a lot of focus has been on developing Watson for applications within health care. Kelly is however ready to transform any industry, for example retailing and education: “it (Watson) will learn how we learn and help us learn better”. The promises of Watson sounds fascinating indeed!

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Swiss firm opens Airbnb-style service in Iran

As Iran opens up to the world it also opens up a lot of new business opportunities. Due to the current tourist boom a big problem right now is the lack of accommodation for foreigners visiting the country. Therefore it was possible for the Swiss company OrientStay to establish an AirBnB-style service, offering the Iranians the possibility to earn money from their apartments and the tourists the chance to rent cheap accommodation. As Iran becomes more welcoming to foreigners we are likely to see many new innovative businesses open up in the well-educated country.

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Samsung shifting towards services with Samsung Pay

Yep that’s right, now there is Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay – and there’s most likely more coming. Interestingly enough pretty much all Samsung phones run on android so users might have several options? The Samsung technology does however have the advantage of working with most payment terminals out there, while its competitors require upgrades.
Perhaps most interesting with this step is however the fact that it pushes Samsung’s mobile business in to services and not just hardware. The battle for payments continues!

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Record iPhone launch sales – again!
Apple sold 13M units of its iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in the first three days they were in the shops. That’s its best opening weekend yet.

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