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Apple about to disrupt the Business Model of the internet

Ad blocking software is nothing new and we have seen statistics over the last few years that more and more people are starting to use it. However, when a tech giant like Apple allows their iPad and iPhone web browser to use it we are talking about a possible paradigm shift. There is a reason the ad blockers have been so popular. As the Internet has been filled with more and more ads, often distracting and annoying popping up in the user’s face, the customers will do what it takes to have a better experience. Should this be considered a wakeup call for customers, persuading them to accept ads in exchange for free content, or is it a wakeup call for the advertisers to make the ads better, less distracting and annoying, and shift their focus to the customer experience?

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Apple has an Android app

That’s right, Apple has released an app in the Android app store. What’s it for? Transferring over to Apple of course! With the ‘Move to iOS’ app Apple wants to help users transfer data, contacts, mail account etc from Android to an iPhone. Oh yeah, when you are finished, Apple even offers to recycle your old phone at any Apple Store. Interesting development, this has been a big issue for many users out there, will we see something similar from Google?!

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Facebook shopping

Facebook is broadening its scope towards shopping and will allow users on web and mobile to go shopping directly on a merchants Facebook page. With millions and perhaps billions of followers that merchants and brands out there have on Facebook this could eventually be a strong future sales channel for some of them. Can this potentially threaten Amazon? Interesting to follow this development!

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Audi challenge Tesla in the electric vehicle market

The annual Frankfurt Motor Show took place last weekend in Germany, and Audi seem to have caught most of the attention with their launch of their new Quattro model – The Audi E-tron Quattro. With Tesla ramping up for their showroom debut of their model X next week Audi sure marked that they’re not going to allow Tesla to be the only carmaker with an electric SUV. According to Ralph Gerhard Willner, VP of Vehicle Concepts at Audi, the company managed to drastically cut the development time of the E-tron by using of the shelf parts as much as possible. But Audi are not alone in challenging Tesla – other rivals are also gearing up to seriously enter electric vehicles market. Porsche is working on an electric Cayenne S-Hybrid and both Mercedes-Benz and BMW have electric crossovers in progress. Tesla better get ready for some serious competition!

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