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Facebook now have over 1 billion users per day and WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) has over 900 million registered users


Not only insurers want to track your car data
Insurance outfits have been eager to track cars in the name of lower costs and driver safety, but it looks like even major urban centers are getting in on the action. New York City is launching a Drive Smart test program that will have 400 drivers install a tracking device in return for a range of perks. If you get in, you’ll get tips on fuel efficiency, route planning and safety based on your driving habits. You’ll also receive up to a 30 percent discount on Allstate insurance if you’re sufficiently cautious. Ideally, this will save both you and NYC some money, not to mention a lot of frustration — you won’t add to the city’s notorious traffic congestion. Interesting stuff, but the main question remains, are we all willing to give away ALL our data?

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Up-Scale 3-D Printing Ready to Disrupt the Construction Industry

3-D printing is already an integrated part of the manufacturing industry, offering high flexibility for low volume products such as fighter jets or gas turbines. Most 3-D printers however have a size limit depending on the size of the printer body. Luckily, this is about to change as several companies are developing 3-D printers that do not require the manufactured object to fit inside the printer. These printers will be able to build large structures such as buildings and bridges by moving around and even sitting on top of the object while building their own support structure. This new technology opens up for disruption in the construction industry as it offers reduced building time and new design possibilities.


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Time to replace the mouse?

Having emerged in the 1960s, the computer mouse is prehistoric in computer terms. Numerous companies are working on replacing it though, and look to add hand and finger gestures in 3D and touch screens.

One such player is the Geneva engineering startup Fogale Sensation which has come up with a way to integrate gesture control into existing flat screens, allowing the system to track movement from five fingers up to five cm above the screen of a typical smartphone.

The 3D capabilities that this brings along open up numerous possibilities for developers of all smartphone applications but it can be stretched into other computer systems as well, allowing people to use their hands and fingers in a more natural and intuitive way to manipulate virtual objects. The computer mouse business should expect to be disrupted!


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Uber not just a taxi company anymore

Though only speculations so far we basically know Uber is working on a self-driving car, perhaps to venture past the taxi business. Uber has setup a separate business unit called UberEverything and pressure has been building up to deliver results. However the first venture beyond taxi is just about to launch, an e-commerce delivery service. An express delivery option for shoppers on a wide range of shopping websites and apps, according to three sources. Now, will Uber be successful beyond their core service or fall in diversifying the business?

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