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During this season we have hosted two training camps in the Alps searching for the best possible environment to stimulate insights, knowledge sharing, build long lasting bonds and start the journey for unleashing human potential.
For true development nothing beats being in an inspiring arena such as the mountains experiencing the activity of ascending and descending this beautiful environment and using it as a training ground. This environment is unique and essential from the perspectives that it gives you instant feedback on the decisions you make and the actions you take. Further this is the quickest and truest way of going from strangers to friends and eventually a team. Amazing experiences and sharing the passion for the activity is the accelerator.
It has been a privilege to discuss and experience topics such as finding and unleashing your own potential, how you can stimulate others to unleash their potential, building high performance teams, what does it take to get followers and decision processes for rapidly changing environments. We are convinced that consciousness is the ingredient that drives true development and the essence of driving the process of becoming more conscious has been the gravity point for all discussions.
A special thanks to all the high caliber individuals that joined us in week 5 in the Uri region and week 13 in the Arlberg region.
Do you want to discover your potential and start a fun, memorable and purposeful development journey?
The journey to unleash human potential has just begun!

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