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Cordial´s CEO Linus Malmberg, hosts our new interview series Studio Cordial. It features interviews with guests who share our passion for modern business development and innovative business models and organizations. Tune in and be inspired. Welcome to Studio Cordial!


What game do you play – and for whom do you play it?
SC5 – 161202 Svenska

In this close conversation, Linus Malmberg and Michael Johansson explore the fundamental needs of successful development and positive growth. Michael shares his thoughts on the importance to complete the journey from why we play to how to play the right game.

Michael Johansson is an experienced adviser, lecturer and inspirer within transformation and business development. But first and foremost, Michael is a curious optimistic visionary. Michael works at DigJourney who published the widely acclaimed book – Att leda Digital Transformation (Leadning Digital Transformation).

Creating change and momentum in the fast changing media landscape
SC4 – 161107 Svenska

Linus Malmberg talks with Unn Edberg, Vice President of the magazine Chef, about the challenges the media industry is facing and what the industry needs to do to stay alive.

Unn Edberg has an extensive experience from both magazines and newspapers. Today, she is Vice President of the magazine Chef where she works with business development and Chairman of Swedish Magazine Publishers Association. Unn has a long standing and genuine interest in the business models of tomorrow in the Media Industry.

It’s through the how that you connect to people’s hearts (and make change happen)
SC3 – 160927 

Linus Malmberg meets Tom Johnstone, former CEO for SKF. They share their thoughts on what it takes to make organizations, companies and people great.

Tom Johnstone has been within SKF for 38 years and has held several management positions. From 2003 to 2014 he was President and CEO of AB SKF. In 2006 he was given the first European Six Sigma Leadership Award for his work in committing the company to continuous improvements.

Corporate Venturing & why intrapreneurship really matters
SC2 – 160907 Svenska

Linus Malmberg meets Sven Atterhed, co-founder of The Foursight Group, and talks about Corporate Venturing – how we can redeem innovation in established companies.

Sven Atterhed is co-founder of The Foresight Group AB, which since 1979 has helped companies in Sweden and internationally to develop new businesses through internal entrepreneurs – intrapreneurs. Today, Sven is a mentor to CEOs of fast-growing companies and co-owner of a few such companies.

The state of digitalization 2016: The future is bright!
SC1 – 160811 Svenska

Linus Malmberg meets Anders Hermansson, founder of BusinessReflex, and talks about Digitalization and what it really means.

Anders Hermansson has over 20 years of experience in marketing and sales in B2B. Anders is passionate about digitization and is convinced that technology can solve most challenges.

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