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During the last 15 years, Cordial has assisted more than 350 organizations and leaders achieve transformation and sustain their success. As an extension of our educational programs, Cordial Business Education offers a development opportunity designed to enhance your individual business development skills –  The Cordial Coaching Program, CCP.

Cordial´s coaches are selected from our senior team to empower you with focus, insight and accountability you need to achieve consistent results. These are world class professionals with 20+ years experience with complex business transformation challenges.

Let us help you maximize your business

Our coaching programs are six or twelve months. During this time, our experienced coaches work with you on things like clarifying your goals, breaking down challenges, identifying needs and feasible solutions – whatever stands between you and sustainable business success. Each program is different as it is specifically designed to serve your needs.

Each Coaching Program includes individual analysis, assessment planning and two hours of coaching per month.

The CCP Premium also includes online modules, a follow-up after six months as well as a breakfast seminar at your workplace – an opportunity to share knowledge with the help of your educational expert coach.

Please contact us for more information about our Coaching program! education@cordial.se 

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