A profitable switch to a sustainable business

We believe that the business models of tomorrow need to be characterised by both profitability and sustainability, not either or. The only thing that is really sustainable is being able to create a profitable business by doing right – for the climate, for our society, employees, customers and owners.

Sustainability is not a one time thing. It needs to be fully integrated in our business if we want to be sustainable for real, from our strategies to our business models to our supporting structures. We need a holistic perspective on sustainability.

At Cordial we have several years of experience from practical sustainability work ranging from implementing control system for biofuels to sustainability reporting and most important of all: transformation of businesses and companies to achieve a more sustainable agenda

Transformation from fossil to renewable

Transform your business to reach  a competitive position on an emerging renewable market

We guide you in designingcontrol and quality systems for biofuels, mass balance systems and sustainability accounting for bioproducts, optimization systems compliant to national sustainability legislation and a transformation plan for the structural development that needs to be carried out.

Biofuels certification (e.g. ISCC)

Certify your production and/or sales of biofuels to reach even more customers on new markets

We guide you in the interpretation and translation of certification policies to business requirements in order to create the right conditions to transform the business and carry out the necessary changes as well as handling the contact and dialogue with the auditors for an efficient certification process.

Sustainability reporting and optimization

Ensure your sustainability reporting creates the right conditions for optimizing the bio business

We guide you in the interpretation and translation of sustainability requirements and legislation on reporting and optimization flows as well as design and implementation of processes, information and roles for both compliance and optimization.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Take control over the risks in your supply chain by using a systematic and comprehensive approach

Many companies today have a complex supply chain with different kinds of risks that can have a negative effect on both the brand reputation and the business. We help you identify the current and potential risks in your supply chain and then guide you in setting up processes and structures to mitigate them effectively. That way you gain control and efficiency today and create opportunities for profitable business tomorrow.

→ We know what it takes to succeed with your transformation

During the last 15 years Cordial has helped large, mid-sized and small companies to successfully identify, plan and navigate their transformation journeys

During the last six years we have had a strong focus on the transformation from fossil to renewable and have built broad experience from both the Energy and the Oil & Gas industry, where we’ve supported companies in taking steps to becoming both a sustainable and profitable businesses

/ Johan Reunanen
Director, Expert in Renewable Transformation



/ Elin Oresten
Manager, Expert in Sustainability implementation and certification