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→ Management for success in a complex and digital world

The Mean-Time Between Surprises is historically low and the world is in transformation. All organizations need to radically improve their ability to adapt and innovate in order to stay relevant and survive. Hence the traditional way of organizing and manage companies are outdated and a new paradigm is emerging. We truly believe that all business is human and to successfully unlock the organization’s full potential one need to unlock the individuals’ full potential.

Each team and individual need to understand how they contribute to the overall goal for the company. They need to have a clear purpose, that engage and motivate them, and the right mandate, that enables them to efficiently deliver on their tasks.

We work closely with the management team navigating them in designing an organization and management model that bridge the gap between strategy, structure and culture and that enables flexibility. Based on a common understanding of the strategic platform, the business models and business processes.

→ What we can help you with

  • Organization Design
  • Governance Structure Design
  • Business Planning
  • Operating Model
  • Performance Management
  • Culture and Values

→ What we can educate you within

→ Case & Credentials

  • We have guided and helped a large number of management team in designing their future organization and management model as well as supporting them in implementing them
  • ”What makes Cordial special is that they act as true support in making things happen – they do not only leave us with analyses and reports. They truly want to see change happen within the organization that they are engaged in.” CEO Retail Company

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