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→ Leverage your execution power for sustainable business development

Cordial offers advice and training in business transformation to help companies and organizations thrive – today and tomorrow.

We believe that successful business development always starts from an in-depth understanding and full stakeholder buy-in on why the change is needed and what it should accomplish. This is only accessible after a solid contextual internal and external analysis. We are convinced that the results only become sustainable when it is clear HOW the transformation will be implemented and there is no doubt who within the organization that is responsible for each step. Different to most other consultancy firms, we do not take over the steering wheel from our customers, instead, we work side by side with our customers throughout the transformation process. To us, successful business transformation it is all about unlocking our customers maximal Execution Power.

→ What we can help you with

  • Strategic Business Requirements
  • Investment & Decision Support
  • Design of Transformation Initiative
  • Executing the Transformation
  • Transformation Management
  • Transformation Initiation – From strategy to high-level plan
  • Transformation review/second opinion
  • The owners’ perspective on Transformation

→ Case & Credentials

  • For the last 15 years, we have helped large corporations, medium sized companies and smaller businesses to successfully identify, plan and navigate business transformation processes.
  • We have an unbroken chain of successful business transformations with sustainable results from a variety of industries, including Banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Telecom and Travel.

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