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Today’s consumers and customers are increasingly demanding and knowledgeable. Meanwhile, companies face increased and disruptive competition – often fuelled by digitalization. To stay alive and ahead in this climate, it is vital to have a value proposition, which truly is customer centric. The key to this is to have a business model and an offering portfolio that are created – and repeatedly challenged – with a customer centric approach in mind.

  • The business model visualizes the business logic; it helps make companies distinct in their differentiation and enables strategic alignment, as well as efficient production and delivery of goods and services. As such, it ensures that the business development efforts are efficient and aligned with the desired customer value proposition.
  • The offering portfolio is each company’s concrete tool to realize the business model and deliver the value proposition.

We have developed a methodology that helps verify the clarity and future relevance of the business model and that the offering portfolio is well-defined and based on consumer needs. With these parts in place, companies are able to adapt quicker to market changes and changing customer and consumer demands – and thus get, or remain, ahead.

→ What we can help you with

  • Business Model Assessment
  • Business Model Analysis
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business Model Disruption
  • Digital Transformation Readiness
  • Sprint2Market
  • Offering Portfolio Design
  • Offering Development
  • Customer Segmentation & Strategy

→ Case & Credentials

  • We have supported a large number of start-ups and multinationals across a wide range of industries in increasing the internal understanding of the market and used this to work together on formulating and/or validating the business models and offering portfolio.

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