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→ Enhance your business development skills 

With a Mean-Time Between Surprises at an historical low, companies need to formulate, implement and validate strategies at an unprecedented pace to get ahead of the competition. The key to success is to have a future looking business development plan and the Execution Power to implement the change within the organization.

Our business architecture expertise brings together competence in business strategy and enabling structures. We work closely with our customers to provide inspiration, knowledge and structure as they grow their ability to utilize business architecture as a means to enhance the business development capability. By guiding, but not taking over the process, our customers remain in the driver’s seat and in charge of pace and direction.

We help our customers realize the strategies faster and to come out with added insight – every time.

→ What we can help you with

  • Business Architecture Readiness Assessment
  • Establish Business Architecture Framework
  • Develop the Architecture Function
  • Enhance Development Capability
  • Design of Business Architecture

→ What we can educate you within

→ Case & Credentials

  • We bring Execution Power to our customers by supporting in transforming their business challenges and opportunities into flexible and sustainable structures, ready for future business development.
  • With the Cordial Business Architecture Framework we provide a solid and stable platform on which our customers can develop enabling structures.

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