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Execution Power – we believe in empowering our customers

We started Cordial 15 years ago. It is not a long time compared to many other well-established consultancy firms, but in the summer of 2001, everything was different. The Dotcom-era was at its peak and as consultants at a major international firm, we felt that the opportunity to break free and do something different was within our reach. As we set off to grasp the opportunity, the world was set on the belief that the future was never further than just a click away. Old structures were put away in the market economy graveyard and the new emerging digital economy was creating new business opportunities so fast that it was hard to keep up. As it turned out, it wasn’t quite that simple to change from the old to the new. New and old structures best develop side by side, feeding off each other. But what did remain true to the beliefs of the early 2000s is that a new business climate was emerging and that it demanded from organisations to accept change as an intergrated part of everyday work.

The growing need from businesses and organisations to manage this constant change became our guiding star. Or more specifically, it was the insight that many struggled to make change a positive force in their work that appealed to us. We built our firm on the desire to help empower our customers, using what we call Execution Power. We wanted to go from simply telling our customers what can be done to work out on how it should be done in practice. And then partner with them in the execution.

Our starting point was that in order to be able to bring relevant advise, plans and support, we needed to apply a holistic approach to our customers’ business. And so, we developed our Business Architecture Framework.

Our big break came in 2006. After an acquisition and several successful projects, we had concluded and proved our definition of a well-functioning business architecture, or the foundation that the whole business rests upon, in practice. The most essential to our way of approaching a project was that when we were looking at the business as a whole, we really meant the whole business. We were out to develop our customers’ ability to bridge the gap between strategy, structure and culture while releasing the power of the on-going digitalization throughout the organization.

Today, 15 years later, we are a firm of 30+ consultants, continuously growing. Over the years, we have refined our offer. However, we still believe that we cannot get to the desired results just by launching more initiatives based on unleashed opportunities in the business model. We approach our customers’opportunities differently. We believe that our advise will only be relevant if we involve and help develop all our customers’ key internal stakeholders so that they can drive the project. We are convinced that great results demands commitment from the whole organization.

Because we believe that the skills and acceptance of the plans from key stakeholders in an organization is critical to whether a new strategy or business model will be successful, it was obvious for us to develop an educational platform to complement our advisory offer. This remains a key part of our offer, as it is how we can assure that the projects will be placed with motivated and skilled individuals within the organization. In order for a project to succeed, everyone involved need to agree and support the new direction – both the ultimate goal as well as how to get there needs to be firmly anchored within the organization.

Today, this is even more important as a fast changing market demands of organizations to be more dynamic and flexible than ever before. In the past 15 years, we have seen firsthand how the MeanTime Between Surprises has decreased significantly. Businesses can no longer foresee and maximize change by regrouping and pouring in massive external support. Instead it is the collaboration between motivated individuals working together as a group within the organization, supported by external advise, that will help create sustainable success.

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