/Business Architecture

Pioneering business models by transformation of the business architecture.

The ability to understand an ever faster changing environment is necessary but not sufficient to be successful in the long term. It is the ability to move from words to deeds that are truly vital. With the help of a well thought out business architecture, a business radically increase its capacity to implement its strategic choices and quickly seize opportunities.

To get the strategies and structures to hang together as is the understanding of the company’s business models key. It is the business model that strategies implemented and operationalized in a sustainable market position. Business models serve as a superglue that provides strategies bracket and put them into practice. The business model is an educational model that makes it easier to describe what should be done and how.

Successful businesses have managed to combine competitive business models with wise strategic choice, modern structures and an understanding of what it takes to customers and employees to want to be a part of the value creation.

Cordials approach rests on a belief that competitive and flexible business models are realized through an understanding of the entire business architecture, including the external environment, strategic choices and modern structures. Cordial has leading expertise and capacity to support the transformations which aims to bring together the whole.

Our method Traction™ provides a complete framework for practical work with both business models as the enabling business architecture. We have developed our approach to Business Model Transformation for more than ten years in a wide range of complex projects. Traction method consists of components to analyze, innovate, design, and implement business models.

Business Architecture

Companies will not necessarily differentiate themselves by their ability to see how markets are moving; they will set themselves apart by carrying out the necessary strategic response as quickly as possible.

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