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From print to digital newspaper, powerful technology in gene editing and is Nintendo disrupting Christmas?  Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

CRISPR to kill Cancer?

A few weeks back we wrote about CRISPR, a new powerful technology in gene editing, and just recently the first human has been injected using CRISPR. China is first out and this is spurring a biomedical battle with US where big studies are being planned. Let’s hope it pushes advancements closer in time because this looks like the closest thing to curing many diseases including cancer!

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From print to digital

Running a newspaper the last decade has not been an easy task. A constant threat of declining volumes and no clear path how to really capitalize on digital channels. Although the task remains hard and unclear, we are seeing (as mentioned last week) incremental steps being taken, just recently by NY Times. While their print revenue is down 18.5%, paid digital subscriptions are up by 30%. So the tables are maybe starting to turn. Here we are sure rooting for success for well curated news and media!

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Nintendo disrupting Christmas?

30 years ago Nintendo released their first NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and a few months ago revealed a mini version, including 30 of the most popular games from that time. A collector item some might say, but demand has been so great that pre-order (July) stocks sold out globally in a few days. Could this be a planned maneuver before Christmas, or did they just underestimate demand by a huge amount?

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