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Could Block Chain make insurance companies redundant? Worms a key in future wearable tech? Facebook moving closer to commerce platform? Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

Could Block Chain make insurance companies redundant?

Insurance companies may in the future become an unnecessary third part. By making use of the block chain technology, new players can offer insurance and bypass insurance companies altogether. Even though insurance companies offer are a lot of services, the core of the service is collecting premiums and distributing compensation. This can be automated through the block chain and is therefore a threat to the insurance industry. However, there are several insurance processes that can benefit from the block chain technology, especially processes in which multiple parties are involved, such as placement and settlement of claims.

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Worms a key in future wearable tech?

Turns out graphene, the Nobel Prize winning wonder material with so many potential applications, is also the secret sauce to making tougher silk. A team of scientists from Tsinghua University in Beijing successfully created silk that’s twice as tough simply by feeding the material to silkworms. The team believes that in the future, the tougher silk could be used to make biodegradable medical implants and even eco-friendly wearable electronics.

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Facebook moving closer to commerce platform?

Last week, Facebook launched a new feature called Marketplace for its users in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Facebook’s buy and sell groups are already a great success with 450 million users every month, and this new feature is the next step towards becoming a player to count on in peer-to-peer shopping. In the US, Facebook are competing with Craigslist, and if this feature reaches the Swdish market, incumbents like Blocket could be subject to increased competition.

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