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Self-driving gets big push by House (US)

On Wednesday US lawmakers passed a federal bill that will allow hundreds of thousands self-driving cars on public roads in the coming years. The next step is in the senate that could pass a similar bill, potentially saving lives some say. But there are many sceptics claiming we are pushing progress too fast, since the bill in fact gives automakers exemptions for safety standards… Time will tell!

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Instagram was hacked

So on this feeds continuous security thread Instagram was hacked, and YES your account might be out there for sale. Interestingly a US judge Lucy Koh recently said Yahoo data breach victims have the right to sue. According to Reuters, the judge wrote in the 93-page ruling that she came to that decision because all plaintiffs “have alleged a risk of future identity theft.” What this means in Instagram’s case is still a bit unclear, nonetheless the company loses reputation as many high profile users were affected. Allegedly, the official President of the United States’ account, Selena Gomez, the most followed account, just to name a few… It should now be clear that IT security sure must be up there at board level together with 5 year strategy plans. Because if you fail – you lose.

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