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Will AI make EVERYTHING better? (Initially?)

About 2 years ago Google bought DeepMind, the AI that recently baffled scientists by beating a human master at the Chinese game GO. Deepmind cost Google about $600 million and it looks like Google will get their money back without even selling the technology or using it to understand customers (which is what’s truly intended). Google put a Deepmind AI system in control of parts of its data centers to reduce power consumption and it managed to achieve a 15 percent improvement in power usage efficiency which for Google translates into hundreds of millions of dollars! Additionally, IBM’s AI, Watson, has recently been able to (in 1 minute) diagnose a patient that for months had troubled a team of doctors.

So AI can obviously be used for the good, but as we have mentioned before how do we control the intent of an AI itself?

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Doctor appointments go online

The Swedish health startup, KRY, raised €6.1 million in seed funding for its video doctor consultations. By combining new technology with leading medical expertise KRY has built a platform to make healthcare digital. KRY´s services are currently available in Sweden and they are now planning to launch in more markets in Europe. True potential to disrupt the traditional health care business model! Question is, are governments ready?

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The race for the new Bitcoin

A consortium of four big banks; UPS, Deutsche Bank, Santander, and BNY Mellon, together with the broker ICAP are working to develop a new form of digital cash using blockchain technology, perhaps most famously used for creating the digital currency Bitcoin. This is one of the most concrete signs yet that banks are seriously attempting to utilize digital cash. A widely deployed digital currency could have great impact on the banking industry, leading to slimmer back-office organizations and higher speed and efficiency in capital transactions. The problem though, a critical amount of large banks have to agree on a common platform and as Citigroup have ”Citicoin” and Goldman Sachs ”SETLcoin”, big steps remain to be taken.

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Amazon plan to launch low-price music streaming service

Amazon is planning to enter into competition with Spotify and Apple on the digital music streaming market. The company is reportedly developing two products, one premium and one low cost. The service is estimated to be priced at around 5 dollars a month, about half the price of Spotify and Apples services. However, the affordable service is said to only be available through the Amazon Echo, the company’s own speaker-AI. An interesting choice of business model in a time where being proprietary is becoming rare!

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