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Amazon > Google > Wal-Mart?

More than half of U.S. online consumers begin their product searches on Amazon’s website or mobile app, a survey has found. That means that heading into the busy holiday season, the company is advancing its lead over major retailers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and search engines as the starting point for online shopping. E-commerce sales are expected to increase 13%, stealing share from traditional retailers, additionally Amazon Prime members typically have the Amazon app on the front screen of their smartphones. That definitely hurts players like Wal-Mart!

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The Cybersecurity issue goes public

Last week the topic of cybersecurity made it’s first-ever appearance at a presidential debate. Moderator Lest Holt asked, “… a 21st-century war is happening every day in this country. Our institutions are under cyberattack, and our secrets are being stolen. So my question is: Who’s behind it? And how do we fight it?”

Trump – “The security aspect of cyber is very, very tough. And maybe it’s hardly doable.”

Clinton – “We need to make it very clear, the United States has much greater capacity. …we will defend the citizens of this country.”

So apparently it is a VERY hard problem… and hacking/fighting back is the best answer…? Nonetheless we can further confirm our fears, that cybersecurity will continue to escalate and become a big world problem. The estimated global cost for 2019 is over $2 trillion!!

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Finally some real battery innovation?

Ju Li of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has recently patented and published a paper about a battery whose prototype stores twice as much juice as traditional lithium-ion cells. This technology might substantially improve smartphone performance but more importantly enable electric cars that are lighter and/or have longer ranges.

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