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Energy storage breakthrough?

A recent research breakthrough in battery technology could give electric cars the same range as diesel and petrol cars. “Elon Musk himself has previously said a breakthrough in EV technology would likely come from supercapacitors, rather than batteries”, which exactly what has happened. While increasing energy density with up to 80% using capacitors will also vastly improve charging times, given that a charging station has high output. To what extent this new way of  using capacitors is applicable in EVs is still to be proven but this sure sounds promising!

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Apple brings health care “in-house”

In last weeks feed, we reported that Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway will establish a new health care company aimed for their employees. This week, Apple announced they are launching their own medical clinics where they plan to offer their employees the “world’s best health care experience”. Apple, who are invested in health care already through their health tracking applications, thus follows the other big US players in bringing their health care services in-house. Is the US health care industry about to be completely disrupted?

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