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Dysons electric car(s!)

A few times we have written about Dyson, the R&D crazy vacuum cleaner company from UK. Last year they revealed they are planning to start producing electric cars. A big move for a company that mainly has sold smaller products typically within household appliances, but not so crazy when you realize that pretty much every single product they sell has an electric motor… Since last year’s reveal more details have emerged and apparently Dyson are working on 3 cars not one. Additionally, to strengthen the venture (which in many ways is far behind players like Tesla, Nissan, Toyota) they have invested in solid-state batteries, which is very next-gen and brings faster charging, higher safety and most importantly more capacity. This week sources have however claimed that the first model to be released (2020/21) will have “normal” lithium batteries.

The plans are there, capital is invested (>$2 billion) and it looks like Dyson is in this for real. Still, it seems that if Dyson is to have any chance they must be industry leading when it comes to next-gen batteries by the time they launch their first cars this coming decade.

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Consumer trust in autonomous vehicles on the rise

There are many who talk about autonomous vehicles (AV) but how many would trust the car to take control, and how many are actually considering buying an electric car?

A recent global study performed by Deloitte shows that the trust in autonomous vehicles is increasing, however half of the respondents feel that autonomous cars will not be safe. Another interesting result is that a majority of the respondents would more likely trust an AV from a traditional car manufacturer rather than from a tech company.

When it comes to electric cars, the attitude varies between different countries. In the US, 15% of respondents said they would choose an electric engine in their next vehicle. Internationally, the view on the electric engine is in general more positive, with a peak in China where 40 would prefer electricity before gasoline or diesel.

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Do more to protect users!

EU justice commissioner has told Facebook, Google and Twitter “to do more for users”.

The companies recently all made efforts to comply with EU law but apparently it was too little. “We have long had tools in place to inform people about content removals and intend to expand these tools later this year,” a Facebook spokeswoman said but EU thinks they are moving too slow and not doing enough when it comes to removing illegal content and accounts.
Now while Apple typically is better at protecting users and keeping high levels of security last week a critical leak of iBoot source code for iOS was brought to light. The code is critical for security when starting up phones. Now while Appel has officially stated that the code is outdated and staying updated should keep you secure, it’s likely that code this central to the core hasn’t changed that much.

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