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The new space race is finally past its tipping point!

Three years ago we wrote about “the new space race” as Google invested in SpaceX, since then a new generation of space industry companies have started popping up a bit of everywhere. This week it took off for real as SpaceX successfully launched and landed (most parts of) the Falcon Heavy. A rocket that not only carries twice the payload of anything else but does it to a fraction of the cost.

SpaceX wants to (in the long-term) colonize mars but in the short term a lot needs to happen and the new Space industry is sure to take off. So, what’s next? Well, for SpaceX it’s an even bigger rocket, the BFR (Big Fucking Rocket). “The BFR is a reusable spaceship/rocket combination designed to deliver payloads (and people) into orbit as a part of SpaceX’s Interplanetary Transport System” (that eventually will take us to mars).

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“Free” two hours delivery of groceries

Two weeks ago, we wrote about Amazon removing cashiers from one of their Whole Foods stores. Now they have finally launched what was most likely the intended goal when acquiring Whole Foods, free delivery (for Prime customers) of groceries to your door, in 2 hours (!). An insane value proposition just 2-3 years ago, but today apparently completely viable. Is this the last “Jenga block” that will completely tip over the retail tower in the US (high-end luxury aside)? Well, perhaps. If you add Alexa (voice controlled and even automated ordering), drone delivery and an increasingly stronger purchasing power (meaning lower prices) Amazon sure is on a path for further disruption that imposes completely new buying patterns (NOTE: If you play thing right this means opportunity, not threat.)

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Nike is gamifying your workout even further

Nike has contributed to the gamification of running ever since they launched their run tracking app Nike+. Which allowed you to track your progress, compete with friends and other Nike+ users to try and run the furthest distance and climb on different leaderboards. Now they are taking the gamification even further as you can earn rewards and personalized promotions like exclusive products by working out through the app. As described by Nike “The premise is simple: The more active you are, the more you get rewarded”. Personalized promotions are an untapped area (with high potential) for many brands and mixing that with gamification may be what’s required to push retail past simple (and nowadays boring) web sales.

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