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Machine learning vs cyber attacks?

On Wednesday it was revealed that Alphabet (Google) will start offering cyber security services to Fortune 500 companies. The new business unit called ‘Chronicle’ will use AI and machine learning in order to faster identify threats. Given that Google/Alphabet is in many areas leading the field of AI and machine learning research it might give them an edge. This might just also be one of the first tools to actually tackle the >100 million attacks that occur yearly. What can also be noted her is that using machine learning will likely be a way for players like Google to disrupt many industries on a product or service level. Basically, take anything that is based on data processing (a lot) and replace traditional methods with AI.

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Waymo first to market with autonomous cars?

In a previous feed, we wrote about GM and their aim to soon start mass production of its autonomous cars and to launch a commercial ride sharing service during 2019. However, Alphabet owned Waymo will not allow them to be first without a fight. They recently announced that they have ordered thousands of minivans that will be turned in to self-driving cars. The cars that they already own will be used to start a ride hailing service in Phoenix later this year, the new minivans will later be used to scale the service to other areas. Time will tell who wins this battle.

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Tesla solar panels (yes roof) and Powerwalls in retail stores?

“Elon Musk’s company will install Tesla-branded selling spaces at 800 locations, with its own employees” that can explain the benefits of solar. Starting of it will be traditional solar panels but next step is obviously the solar roof tiles. Very interesting to see if this takes off and if retail stores actually work, bad timing however given Trump has just approved new import tariffs on solar panels…

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