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Eco-friendly jet fuel?

Virgin Atlantic is aiming to conduct a real-world test of a green jet fuel. They are planning to run a test with a Boeing 747 in October with LanzaTech’s sustainable fuel. The fuel is an ethanol based on waste gas from steel mills. This could be an important part in making flights more sustainable until we have electric aircrafts. However, its estimated this type of fuel can only produce about a fifth of the fuel needed.

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Amazon wants the “smart home” market 

A while ago we wrote about the voice assistant race and that google is catching up on Amazon who was first with the smart speaker. Amazon has now responded, and it is clear that they want to take the dominant position by enabling your whole home to be voice controlled. For example, they have developed voice-controlled power outlets and even a microwave, but above all they are investing in building a way for outside manufacturers to build off their voice-assistant interface. Will it be possible to build a platform to enable other manufacturers and through it own the market?

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