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Want to go green? Change the Air-con market!

Sustainability keeps getting more and more important for companies and governments (with exceptions…) and it certainly is an area that us humans collectively have to improve in or face catastrophic consequences. We see incentives from governments, advancements in both technology and production processes that all, in part, will enable a greener and more sustainable future. However, one can (and should) ask, are we focusing on the things that give most “bang for our buck”?

Turns out there is at least one HUGE area that is basically overlooked, air-conditioners. Yet another great article from the Economist educates in how the millions and millions of ACs in the world are energy thieves and bug users of heat trapping refrigerants. “On one calculation, replacing refrigerants that damage the atmosphere would reduce total greenhouse gases by the equivalent of 90bn tonnes of CO2 by 2050. Making the units more energy-efficient could double that. By contrast, if half the world’s population were to give up meat, it would save 66bn tonnes of CO2”

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Facebook continues its investments in entertainment

Last week, we wrote about Facebook’s investment in live streamed sport, following their acquisition of the broadcasting rights to both Premier League and Champions League. Now their investment in streamed entertainment continues with their global launch of Facebook Watch, Facebooks counterpart to YouTube.

YouTube as an entertainment platform has grown to convert billions, without basically creating any content itself. Now Facebook is ready to take part of the creator-driven market. Is YouTube sufficiently established to still dominate or can Facebook use its huge platform to threaten the dominance?

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