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Nokia to make $3 for every 5G phone

Nokia which had close to 50% mobile phone market share in the early 2000s and today don’t even make their own phones (someone else is just using the brand) has become a classic disruption case. From market leader to total crash and burn. However, though severely disrupted they were able to hang on in other cellular markets, network technology being one of the most important, and is now one of the main patent holders for the new international 5G standard. For every phone (and device?) sold Nokia will make $3, though low for the industry that quickly becomes a lot of money given sales of above a billion 4G phones each year. Interesting to see a come back like this. Stay diversified!

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Amazon leads the voice assistant race, but Google is catching up

Voice assistants have previously existed exclusively on the US market but has now begun to launch globally. Amazon was the first actor to launch the product in new countries and languages other than English. Amazon launched its voice assistant Alexa in Sweden in the beginning of 2018 and now Google Assistant has followed. Among the early adopters in Sweden is ICA and H&M who now offers help with inspiration and purchase lists through Google assistant. Perhaps most interesting with these new assistants is how it will change our behavior and the way we use and communicate with computers.

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The media landscape is changing

The tech giants have started to pick shares of broadcasting rights for the biggest sport events around the world. Facebook recently acquired the right to stream Champions League matches in Latin America and has previously acquired the rights to stream Premier League in Asia. Amazon is also a tech player that is investing heavily in sports. Sports is one of the largest reasons people are still locked in with linear television. One step closer to death for traditional TV?

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