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Eye Tracking, the next big thing in VR? GM aims to be first to market with fully autonomous cars and Lifeguard drone completes first ocean rescue. Enjoy this weekly feed of inspiring, interesting and intellectual articles and news, with a focus on disruption!

GM aims to be first to market with fully autonomous cars

Completely self-driving cars without steering wheels or pedals may be just around the corner. A petition has been submitted by GM, seeking permission to begin operating fully autonomous cars. The company states that the cars, once approval is granted, can be put into mass-production. The initial plan according to Dan Ammann, the CFO of GM, is to launch a ride-share service at commercial scale in 2019.

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Eye Tracking, the next big thing in VR?

At CES, the Swedish tech company Tobii showed of its latest technology integrated into a VR-headset. The technology enables you to control and integrate with the virtual environment just by using your eyesight. While this makes the VR-experience smoother, there may be even greater gains with the technology. It allows the computer to devote most of its graphics power to what you are looking at, while slightly downgrading what’s around it. This allows an eye tracking VR-headset to run with slower computers than today’s rather demanding devices. Is that what VR needs to reach a real breakthrough?

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Lifeguard drone completes first ocean rescue

The application areas of drones are great and surely there will be more to come. This week, a drone was used to save a pair of swimmers caught by rough water. The drone managed to track down the swimmers and provide them with and expandable floating device. In Australia drones are also utilized to spot sharks alongside beaches.

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