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5G-standards ready for commercialization

Earlier this week, 3GPP (the organization that oversees cellular standards) announced that the final standards for 5G is completed and agreed on. In the announcement Georg Mayer, the chairman of 3GPP stated;

“Two years ago, 5G was seen as a vision or even just a hype — with the closing of Rel-15, 3GPP has made 5G a reality within a very short time.”

If there is a “very short time” until 5G is out on the market for the masses can be discussed though. Ericsson recently forecasted that the number of mobile 5G-subscriptions will reach 1 billion by the end of 2023. This can be compared to the forecasted number of total mobile subscriptions which is 9.1 billion by 2023.

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The media industry transformation

A lot is happening within the media industry. While digital media platforms such as Netflix, YouTube and Twitch are taking an increasing part of the media consumption, integration between traditional media companies is taking place.

During the last week
  • Disney has made another offer to acquire 21st Century Fox to further broaden their content and enable expansion.
  • Amazon owned Twitch announced that the average number of people watching Twitch’s streams at any given moment has almost reached 1 million.

Even Apple, who works on its own media platform, has been on the move and has signed Oprah to their media team. Lots going on and one thing is certain, the industry will not look like it does today for a long time.

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