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Gene-edited rice plants could boost the world’s food supply

To starve or to genetically manipulate? Well it’s likely that parts of our world will stand in front of that very question very soon, and the answer will be easy for them. Poverty and Droughts don’t go well with global warming. So when scientists can edit the plants to make them produce more, that gives hope to threatened regions. Recently, a team of scientists have been able ”to create a rice plant variety that produces 25 to 31 percent more grain per plant in real world tests”. These results, which are way higher than traditional measures, have been achieved by using CRISPR.

Now, while poor countries will see these advancements as blessings, developed countries are likely to have ethical issues. But given that the alternative often used today is pesticide, which do you actually prefer??

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Artificial intelligence outperforms human again

AI is definitely on the rise, not least thanks to Google who managed to pass the Turing test a few weeks ago. This week, new advances have been presented in AI, now within the health care industry and on the ability to detect skin cancer. A computer has been taught to distinguish dangerous skin lesions from nonthreatening ones after being shown more than 100,000 images. In an experiment between the AI and 58 dermatologists, it was found that human dermatologists accurately identified 86.6 percent of skin cancers from a range of images, compared to 95 percent for the AI. This certainly creates opportunities for automation and efficiency in healthcare.

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