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Uber skyport

We have written about flying taxis before, and some real-life examples are already out there. But what about when there are hundreds or maybe thousands of them flying around in a city. Where do they go?

For that problem Uber had recently shed some light on potential solutions, and as Engadget put it, “Uber’s ‘Skyport’ plans are straight out of science fiction”. An example envisions a system that boasts up to 52 take-offs an hour per module and would accommodate 600 arrivals and departures, also within an hour. Imagine a cluster of smallish helipads glued together and you’ve got the basic idea.

We sure are heading towards an inspiring future!

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Car industry disruptors are struggling

Taking the step from tech to start mass-manufacturing cars has proven to be a bigger step than many tech companies had expected. In a recent feed we mentioned Elon Musk’s quote “Humans are underrated” related to the robot production problems that Tesla has with their Model 3. We can now conclude that Teslas Model 3 that was supposed to be “the EV for the masses” will be further delayed. The production rate is simply too low to make it profitable. On the same note, Apple has given up their effort to develop their very own car. Now they are rather seeking collaboration with traditional manufacturers to be able to focus on the self-driving technology themselves.

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