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Luxury hotel on ISS??

According to Popular Mechanics the Russian space corporation is planning to build a luxury hotel on the ISS. “Anybody whose pockets are deep enough to shell out at least $40 million for the experience can stay there for a week or two. An additional $20 million will buy them the chance to go on a spacewalk with a cosmonaut.” There is a business case behind, but it is likely that within 10-15 years space trips of different types will be much cheaper. Additionally since the new module shich is required takes five years to build and usage of the ISS is planned to stop 2028 they will have to start building soon!

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Smart mirrors

Amazon has been granted a patent for a smart mirror that allows you to test clothes virtually, just by standing in front of the mirror. At the moment however, there are no other signs that the technology is close to completion, so far it’s just a patent. However, imagine how the technology could enhance online fashion retailing and disrupt the already affected physical stores. Will fashion stores as we know them be replaced by rooms full of mirrors?

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