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Shell and Total continue to adapt their business models for tomorrows energy market

As we have written in earlier feeds, Shell is aggressively transforming to meet forthcoming energy demands, for example through their investments in charging stations for electric vehicles. Now, Shell broadens its offering portfolio by providing electricity and gas direct to homes and businesses through their acquisition of the British company First Utility. With that, Shell follows the oil company Total, which launched a similar product by the end of 2017. The classic oil companies are definitely working on making their offerings more risk resistant, the big question is where the big returns will be in the future energy market.

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Apple plans to dump Intel to produce its own processors

The market for computer processors has remained unchanged for a long time and has been dominated by Intel, which today holds a market share of 80%. The processor market may however face changes, following the news that Apple plans to produce its own processors in the future. This would make Apple the only major PC maker to use its own processors.

Even though Apple does not account for a critical share of Intel’s sales (about 5%), this may be a trend that, if other computer manufacturers follow, can affect the market to a large extent. Add that Intel is behind AMD in the development of AI and machine learning and the Intel-dominance may be under threat.

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