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Boring Co. goes CREATIVE

Todays start-ups are great at modern ways of financing, like kickstarter or ICOs. But larger ventures like Elon Musk’s Boring Company can also be creative. They started by selling 20`000 flamethrowers earlier this year. Now they are going a bit less controversial and starting to sell giant lego-like bricks made of rock extracted from actual drilling. From Elon’s Twitter: “Yeah, the boring bricks are interlocking with a precise surface finish, so two people could build the outer walls of a small house in a day or so”. Very creative and since the rocks are otherwise useless debris this could be highly profitable!

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World’s biggest solar plant

SoftBank and Saudi Arabia are planning the world biggest solar plant, at 200 gigawatts and $200 billion. For reference the second biggest project (in Australia) is at “just” 2 gigawatts. “Saudi Arabia is the largest crude exporter in the world, but the kingdom is currently trying to diversify its economy beyond oil.” One way to AVOID disruption.. By being disruptive! Oh, and the project is expected to create 100,00 jobs and save billions in power costs!

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