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Passenger drones

There is obviously a lot of talk about self-driving vehicles both here on the feed and in media in general, but something we wrote about a while back, flying passenger drones, is developing in parallel. Now rumors of Porsche developing their own (mostly autonomous) passenger drones have surfaced. Next to that we have Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk, as well as Porsche rival Daimler who is “backing Volocopter’s drone, while Volvo parent Geely recently bought Terrafugia”.In fact Kitty Hawk is reportedly developing their own app for customers to hail a ride, as well as approaching a regulatory approval for test flights in New Zealand.
So while we ask ourselves when and how autonomous vehicles will impact our lives which should most definitely include these flying taxis/drones in that discussion!

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YouTube VS Spotify

Rumors have been around for a while now that YouTube is planning to launch a subscription service for music, and now they confirm it themselves. The plan is to compete with Spotify and Apple music by offering a superior recommendation engine. Today, 80 percent of all of watch time on YouTube is recommended by a recommendation engine, and they plan to bring that to music. One thing is certain, their already established google and YouTube algorithms will give them a good start.

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LEGO aiming for sustainability

Global warming, water scarcity and over-fishing maybe the biggest problems facing our future and our planet but our excessive use of plastic is also up there with the completely unsustainable habits. LEGO who in business is famous for its turnaround (2003-2008) is typically portrayed by one of its pieces of plastic. Given that this equation is unsustainable the company has pledged to start using sustainable materials by 2030. In the next few years they will start making some pieces from sugarcane bio-plastics. Now while sugarcane isn’t a perfect source it’s a first step toward making our favorite building toys a little greener and certainly better than crude oil.

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