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Just a few percent self-driving cars will vastly reduce traffic jams

Traffic jams can be caused by such a simple thing as a driver pressing the brakes, causing a chain reaction of cars breaking. Scientist have now been able to show that in a number of typical scenarios just a few percent of self-driving cars will reduce congestion a lot.

“In the merge scenarios, replacing 10% of the regular cars with self-driving cars also increased overall traffic flow, in some cases doubling the average car speed. The self-driving cars sped up traffic in part by keeping a buffer between themselves and the cars in front of them, forcing them to brake less often.”

Take-away: Keep that distance that you already know you’re supposed to!

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Standard for electric car charging stations?

The number of standards for charging an electric vehicle has increased when more and more players have entered the electric car market. Now however, it looks like we’re getting closer to a dominant design as Tesla’s new Model 3 will use the so-called CCS standard (a standard agreed on by BMW, Volkswagen and Daimler). Tesla will start using the CCS-standard on the European market, but it could be an indicator of a complete transition.

A big benefit for Tesla from such a transition is that they could create revenue by allowing other actors to pay when using their network of charging stations.

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