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Alibaba sold for $1 billion during the first 85 seconds of single’s day

During the world’s largest e-commerce day of the year, Singles Day, Alibaba beat all the records. During the 24-hour shopping festival Alibaba managed to sell for a total of $30.8 billion dollar across 230 countries. To compare with black Friday that generated $5 billion in online sales during 2017. The most stunning figure on the other hand is that sales reached $1 billion in 85 seconds!

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L’Oreal goes wearable

L’Oreal is launching a battery-free wearable electronic that tracks your exposure to UV, pollution, pollen and humidity. The focus here is still skincare though and they claim ”better looking skin starts with healthy habits.” The device which integrates with Apple Health Kit is already available for $60. Finally a wearable that isn’t just an extension of your phone!

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Volvo sells more car subscriptions than they can deliver

A few weeks ago, we wrote about Volvos new car subscription service, and that 50 % of the customers have signed up for the service through mobile. Beside paving the way for a new way of selling cars through mobile, it has shown to be a great success letting the customer subscribe for their car. Volvo announced that they reached their sales target for the first year in just four months.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the success is that Volvo has found a price tag that actually works commercially. Volvo’s $650 a month for the XC40 can be compared to Cadillacs subscription service sold for $1800 a month. Do we need to say that Cadillac’s subscription has not become a success and is now paused?

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