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Walmart and 7-Eleven follows Amazon towards cashier free stores

In the beginning of this year we wrote about Amazon launching its checkout free store concept Amazon Go, and now Walmart and 7-Eleven are launching their own.

However, unlike Amazon’s rather complicated solution, where cameras follow the customer in each step and register which products the customer picks, Walmart and Seven Eleven have chosen an easier one. They have chosen to outsource the work to the customer instead by letting them use their smartphone camera to scan their goods and pay for them directly on the phone.

When the customer already has the phone in hand, they will use augmented reality to display information about products throughout the store. A somewhat different solution, time will tell which solution is most scalable.

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SpaceX Starlink called ’a license to print money’

A while back we wrote about SpaceX Starlink, a global satellite internet broadband solution. A one solution to rule them all kind of thing. Earlier this year SpaceX launched the first two test satellites. Additionally official approvals have come through and it has been shown that the network of satellites would function with only about a third of the initial forecasted requirement of 4425 satellites.

So now people are starting to really consider how this sort of broadband would it the competitive landscape and one area where it could have big impact is to financial institutions and banks where latency is very important. Removing milliseconds from a traders latency can be worth a lot of money so “a network like that proposed by SpaceX could rapidly become “a license to print money”. Of course, at this point, its very hard to say whether it will be SpaceX big cash cow or not, but there sure seems to be big potential!

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