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Robots building robots

Swedish-Swiss firm ABB is investing heavily in to a robotics factory in China. It plans to make use of its own technology (hardware & software) to make the factory the most advanced in the world, relying heavily on robots that build new robots. The facility will even have its own R&D department, to speed up the adoption of AI in production.

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Cyber security thread

Facebook is reportedly approaching and bidding on major security companies to ensure a long-term focus and (let’s hope) excellence on the area. This is one of their recent efforts to improve the company’s image.

“Not only is Facebook tackling the spread of misinformation and platform abuse for political reasons, but Facebook’s reputation was also shredded due to a recent data breach.”

Also in security, Microsoft has been rolling out a new security measure for the built in Windows anti-virus tool. The ability to run the software in a “sandbox” and it might actually make it “safer than many rival antivirus apps.” If attacked the Defender Antivirus’s sandbox will limit the impact to the tool itself, rather than the PC and its software. Great improvement and perhaps hard for rivals to replicate.

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California approves Waymo to test fully self-driving cars

What is meant by a completely self-driving car is that the car is capable of driving completely on its own, without a safety driver in the car. Earlier this year, Arizona was the first state to allow testing of fully driverless cars, and now California follows. Since many of the companies that are working on developing self-driving technology are based in California, the approval will give them proximity to testing.

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