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Hackers disrupted broadband satellite for internet in Ukraine and the rest of Europe

Just as Russian forces started attacking Ukraine unidentified hackers disabled Viasat satellite modems that assist in supplying internet to it’s customers throughout Europe, including in Ukraine.

“What appears to be one of the most significant wartime cyberattacks publicly disclosed so far has piqued the interest of Western intelligence because Viasat acts as a defense contractor for both the United States and multiple allies.”

The vulnerability displayed here is very scary! One guess where the hackers are from…

Electric vehicles showed record growth in 2021

Car manufacturers have followed each other by announcing more and more ambitious goals regarding the transition to electric vehicle fleets. The latest one was Porsche who announced that 80% of its cars will be electric by 2030. One may ask whether the goals are too ambitious, given the relatively short time frame. However, the transition of market demand is going faster and faster. The International Energy Agency’s latest report on electric cars shows that electric car sales more than doubled in 2021, now representing close to 9% of the global market, driven mainly by China and Europe.

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