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Steer a computer with your mind?

Once again, Musk makes the impossible possible.

We have written previously about Neuralink, of which Elon Musk is a co-founder, a company exploring technology that can make connections between a human brain and a computer. Last week the company unveiled a big break, they showed a monkey that can literally play a computer game (Pong) only using its brain. Google the video!

The average person spent almost half of their time online in 2020

Datareportals latest report on digital insights Digital 2021 show some interesting trends. For example the average person spend around 2,5 hour each day on social media, however the time has not increased compared to 2019, despite Covid-19 and that large sections of the population have been quarantined. Also, the average person now spend 7 hours and 4 minutes using the internet each day, or almost half of our waking time.

Chip shortage hitting hard

Following the massive disruptions that Covid inflicted on global tech supply chains there is still a shortage of a number of computing chips and semi-conductors. Recently Samsung has flagged for delays and reduced production and now Apple, with all is procurement power, has also warned of delays. Initially they are saying some Macbook and iPads are affected, but just a few months from now they will be releasing a new iPhone.

Also truck company Volvo has warned the global shortage can lead to negative effects on its earnings, so its really hitting hard on a lot of tech products. And in today’s world, what company doesn’t rely on semi-conductors in any way?

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