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Don’t do bad UI, it can get expensive!

Citibank was trying to make $7.8M in interest payments. It sent $900M instead.

While some creditors sent the money back some refused, and now a federal judge har ruled that Citibank is not entitled to get the remaining ~$500 million back.
Apparently, this whole thing was basically due a really confusing user interface. Read the full story, very amusing!

Uber drivers in UK is now getting payed vacation and minimum wage

Following the decision in UK’s supreme court last month stating that Uber drivers are entitled to the legal rights and protections afforded to workers, Uber now reclassifies their drivers. Instead of the drivers who previously worked as contractors, the drivers now work for Uber and are entitled to payed vacation and a guaranteed minimum salary. Uber’s operations in the UK have previously come and gone due to similar regulations, the question is whether this will affect their business model in the country in the long run.

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Amazon as an Ad company?

Benedict Evans who runs a great newsletter

what’s happened in tech

wrote a very interesting piece on what Amazon is actually making from advertising. Now while it not typically something associated with Amazon, the numbers put forward definitely say otherwise.

If we assume that $20bn of Amazon’s $21.5bn ‘Ads and other’ was actually ads, and it matched Google’s operating margin, that would be $13.6bn of operating income, the same as AWS.

What he’s saying here is that Amazon might be making (margin) as much from Ad’s as it is from Amazon Web Services and that would be huge!

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