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Twitter hack show best practice not being followed during lockdown

This summer Twitter was severely hacked. Among others the accounts of Barack Obama, Kim Kardashian West, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk, as well as for several cryptocurrency companies were hacked and exploited in a scheme to steal over $118,000 worth of bitcoin. Very interesting report on how it went down:

Notably, the Twitter Hack did not involve any of the high-tech or sophisticated techniques often used in cyberattacks–no malware, no exploits, and no backdoors. The Hackers directly exploited Twitter’s shift to remote working. The ramp up to total remote working in March 2020 put a strain on Twitter’s technology infrastructure, and employees had frequent problems with the VPN connections to the network.

The hackers utilized this and basically called employees at Twitter pretending to be the company’s IT-department and stole employee’s credentials.


Nasal spray could protect against COVID

A research group at Columbia University have developed a nasal spray that have proven effective in preventing the spread of the virus.

The compound prevents the coronavirus from fusing with a target cell’s membrane by blocking a key protein from adopting a necessary shape. It should work immediately and last for at least 24 hours. It’s also affordable, lasts a long time, and doesn’t need refrigeration.

Really great news for stopping this pandemic! Especially for the non-developed part of the world where safe use of a vaccine may be hard or impossible.

Trump & Twitter

As I am sure you are aware Donald Trump isn’t going to be the United States president for much longer. Great news in my book! What is also great news is that Twitter has confirmed that Trump will lose his censorship protection as soon as Biden is sworn in as the new president. What will happen after he loses the protection will be very interesting.

YouTube goes e-commerce

Just like Instagram, who launched its shopping feature in 2019, YouTube is a place for advertisement and the revenue is at the moment all about ads and subscriptions. But now it looks like YouTube is working on an e-commerce solution where you can buy products directly from the videos. According to Bloomberg, the end goal is to make YouTube a one-stop shopping destination where you can click and buy almost anything you see on the platform.

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