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Boring company’s first tunnel complete

In December 2016 Elon Musk tweeted:

“Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging…”

Almost exactly two years later the first passengers rode in his test tunnel in LA, that’s quite a feat!

Apparently a snail is about 14 times faster than the typical boring machine and the goal of the Boring Company is to beat the snail in a race. To do this they want to (among other things) make the machine go continuously, rather than stop to cool down and remove dirt. If the next boring machine (named Line-Storm) that the company is intending to use proves successful this could  really be (once again for Musk) a disruptive company, in an industry with minimal development the last +30 years.

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Electric cars are definitely happening!

Recently we wrote that the transition to electric cars has really taken off and that many prefer full electric before a plug-in hybrid. Looking at the car sales of 2018, we see the result of this, especially in Norway. In Norway, every third new car sold (31.2%) is an electric car and 29% is hybrid. Norway thus leads the transition by far and their incentives to buy electric cars undeniably creates results.

In Sweden, the numbers are 2% fully electric and 6.2% hybrid which is Europe’s third highest proportion of rechargeable cars, after Norway and Iceland.

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Amazon chips

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer and largest cloud-computing company, is pushing into a new line of work: computer chips. Very bad news for Intel, who has been falling behind in the chip market. Focus for Amazon is on lowering energy costs and to ensure they have an options to Intel, which has basically been their only choice for some chips.

The chips market is also changing rapidly as A.I. chips become more important, yet another area where Intel is falling behind on the S-curve. Google is already moving on to their fourth generation A.I. chip and Nvidia is the clear leader.

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Netflix get real competition!

Netflix’s is in for a challenging year as industry giants like Disney and Time Warner aim for the streaming business model, on top of that Amazon and Apple are gunning for their position as well.

“Netflix’s willingness to pay $100m (previously $30 per year) to keep Friends for one more year highlights the value of crowd-pulling content and the problems Netflix could face if media companies reassess their content strategies.“

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